We're tearing down a highway, there's fog out on the road
There's a howling in the night, and the trees are hanging low
I can't see in front of me, but I ain't looking back
I was looking for directions, but Honey I didn't see Jack.

I got bills up to my eye lids, got worries when I sleep
I've got a baby in the over, says you gotta pay for me
My women she ain't sleepin', she wants to have a chat
something about the future but honey I don't see jack.

What were all those plans for we made when I was 9,
They all became disasters when I hit 25?

We might just really make it, we might just be ok
but sweat is filling up my boots its pumping through my veins.
Where did this all go South? Where did we lose track?
When I was looking for directions, Honey I didn't see jack


I'd like to tell a story, I'd like to tell it right
About a girl and about a boy who figured out their life.
But I won't lie to no one, I'll just state the facts.
I was looking for directions, but Honey I didn't see jack.



from Blue Collar Blues, released April 6, 2017
Ivy Augusta Smith - Double Bass

Special thanks to Todd Christensen who wrote the riff that I ripped off from him.



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